March 2018

Galapagos Islands

Visiting Galapagos in March was, and I imagine will always be, one of the highlights of my life and photography career. The reason for the trip was an expedition with Falmouth University to make a video (of which I was the solo editor for) in collaboration with the Galapagos National Park Directorate and the Galapagos Conservation Trust, about the problem of plastic pollution on the island. It was an incredible experience getting to meet scientists, park rangers, creatives and even members of Head office and talk to them about their love for the Islands. The wildlife was amazing and getting to see my favourite bird the Blue-footed Booby for the first time is something I will never forget. Galapagos for me was the first time I had ever experienced truly wild animals, as growing up in London, all my interactions with wildlife had been mainly through zoos. farms and safari parks. I can't wait to return to the Galapagos one day, hopefully soon!


Meloy Photography